…For over twelve years my number one referral has been to one of our area’s most respected trainers, Paul Yevilov… I consider Mr. Yevilov a consummate professional with impeccable credentials. I base this opinion on the feedback I get from the scores of consistently satisfied clients who use his services on my recommendation…

Tom Saunders, D.V.M. | Dana Point

…Paul has given me a system by which I can continually train my dog and just enjoy having a canine that is well behaved, a pleasure to be around and can be left alone in my home…Thank you Paul…

Cindie Carey | Ladera Ranch

…Through patience and repetition of specific training exercises, Paul has helped hundreds of dogs become more mannerly and therefore more adoptable…His years of experience and understanding of dog behaviors and body language is remarkable…

Sharon Cody President @ DAWG | Mission Viejo

…After the first lesson we started to get results…

Carolyn & Bob Killion | Laguna Niguel

Yelp Reviews

Paul has tremendously improved out family's lives by helping us learn how to manage our stubborn 4 year old Australian Shepard. Before Mac's 10 day stay with Paul, he barked non stop, was a nightmare on a leash and always attempts house escapes. Now, Mac is much more in control of himself and listens to our commands. It is clear that Paul truly understands dog behavior and he cares about keeping the dog safe. Every visit with Paul we learned something new and taught us all the tools to train Mac. We will definitely be bringing out next dogs here!

Rachel M. | June 25th, 2019

Paul works miracles. He has helped me with my highly reactive Cocker Spaniel and the dog behaves so much better after just a couple of sessions. Of course I needed training too:) Paul pointed out my mistakes and how I contributed to the dogs reactivity. Now both my dog and I are much better! I also board my dog at Paul's and it is great. He has social time with the dogs in groups and my dog is actually interacting well with other dogs. No problems at all. On top of Paul's tremendous talent in dog training and behavior modification, he's a really nice man too. I am so thankful that I found K9 City.

Molly N. | December 5th, 2018

Paul's training has literally changed my life. I know that may sound dramatic, but I have a husky that was aggressive towards people who came to visit and I didn't really think he could change. But Paul equips you with the tools you need for training your dog. If you are worried about your dog and think he can't be trained give Paul a try.

Renee A. | October 15th, 2017

Highest praise for Paul and K9 City! Can't say enough about how his knowledge and techniques have transformed my little (formerly aggressive) rescue! A few days, and some time training me, have resulted in a sweet, calm but playful, obedient pup! The new facility, open during construction and soon to be finished, will be perfect for all the training needs of large and small breeds alike. You cannot go wrong with Paul, and the investment you make is worth every cent. *Do Not Hesitate* Best decision ever!

Kathleen Y. | July 15, 2016

Paul is an amazing trainer, he is Great with the dogs and so patient with me. He has been working with our Doberman and me since we brought him home in May- I wouldn't change a thing about his techniques/training methods. He has solutions for everything I have thrown at him so far. He is one of the best that I have seen to date!

Tami Achak | January 2, 2015