K9 City is a family run business. A husband and wife team (Paul & Sheryl) were born & raised in South Africa. Sheryl studied accounting and Paul was a civil engineer student and trained dogs. Paul trained for Shutzhund, tracking, obedience and protection work. One Sunday afternoon Paul and Sheryl were driving home after a long day of dog competitions with his exhausted dog passed out on the back seat. All of a sudden, the car died and they were stuck at the traffic light. Before they knew what was happening they were surrounded by a group of threatening men. Knowing full well how this scenario usually ended, Paul jumped out of the car and pulled his dog off the back seat. As soon as his dog sensed the danger he gave a low warning growl. Although totally exhausted and barely able to stand he increased his growl as the men encircled the car. Fearing for their lives, the men ran back to their car, drove around Pauls car and sped off. It was at that moment that Paul realized if a dog were trained, handled correctly and given what he needs, he in turn would give us what we want, always and unconditionally. Shortly after that incident, Paul completed his civil engineering degree. Paul and Sheryl married and then immigrated to the United States. Paul knew his calling was to pursue his passion and love for dogs. He felt he could contribute greatly to dog training in the States and offer a fresh approach to understanding dog psychology. He believes that dogs shouldn’t be trained to be robotic; they should be trained into thinking family companions and loyal pets. He bases his classes’ on that premise by giving dogs what they NEED in life; simply, they need to contribute towards a pack or team environment.

At K-9 City they have successfully proven this approach. If you train your dogs to think for themselves, not just to sit and stay on command, you teach them self control, you provide a job and a position in your pack or family and they will fulfill their job to the fullest..

K-9 City is a South Orange County indoor/outdoor facility where dogs dreams come true.

They provide Daycare Funtime, Overnight Boarding, Groom & Spa, School 4 Dogs, and Social Events.

K-9 City is the very best place for dog owners to provide for all your pets’ needs. They provide a fun, family atmosphere combined with a high standard of excellence so dogs can receive the right training and attention they need to develop into loyal, healthy, well-behaved members of your family. NO challenge is too small or too big.

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Paul yevilov

Paul Yevilov - PH.ilosopher of D.ogs

"COUNSELING" Credentials

With over 45 years of experience in the field of dog training, Paul Yevilov is a behavior specialist for humans and their canine companions.

  • Professional Dog Behavior Therapist in South Africa and California, USA

  • Certified in Basic Canine Obedience Trials

  • Certified in Intermediate & Advanced Obedience Trials (CDX & Utility)

  • Certified in Basic Protection Training

  • Trained in Canine Mental Stability Evaluation

  • Certified in Advanced Field Trials for Companion Dogs, Tracking Dogs, Police Dogs & Schutzhund

  • Certified in Field Trial Judging

  • Trained Champion Dogs in Field Trials, Conformation, Obedience and Protection

  • Founder and Member of Board of Directors, Meridian Rottweiler League

  • Winner of the Best Senior Trainer Trophy – Randburg, South Africa

  • Directly responsible for saving dozens of previously condemned aggressive dogs through behavior modification training

  • Featured in LA Times newspaper 1993

  • Featured in OC Register newspaper 1994, 1999 & 2003

  • Featured speaker for OCN TV 1996 & 1997

  • Featured speaker for Channel 3 TV 2006

  • Appeared in documentary movie about Rottweilers “Black Beauty Breed” released summer 2014

  • Training Seminar in South Africa 2015

Although Paul has trained top champion dogs in Obedience, Confirmation, and Working Trials, he understands the needs and wants of companion/pet dogs and their owners.

Paul is also recommended by the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter, and vets. He works with many rescue organizations helping them evaluate and train dogs so that they can be adopted into loving families.

Team Members

  • Sheryl Yevilov


  • Terrah Yevilov

    Director of Operations