Overnight Bed & Breakfast


Overnight Bed and Breakfast in a safe, comfortable, and caring environment for your dog’s restful sleep. Dogs rooms are either in Li’l Paws, Happy Paws, Mighty Paws or for a nominal fee they can be in the Pampered Paws Suites.

All rooms are heated or air-conditioned as needed and complimentary water is provided in all rooms. A change of environment can be stressful for some dogs and sometimes illnesses develop that were in the process of developing at home. If necessary we will take your dog to the vet at your expense.

If your dog requires medication we will administer according to your written instructions at NO additional fee for this service.

Although we provide bedding and plenty of toys for your dog, please feel welcome to bring something special of the dogs from home. A change in food, environment, or activity level can be stressful to any dog. For this reason we do ask that you provide food for your dog so that we do not alter the dogs feeding habits.

Let us know any dog behavior problems, concerns or home routines so that we can make your dog’s stay with us as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!

Dogs enjoying our Overnight Boarding also get to enjoy Daycare Funtime day events. This is where they get to socialize and visit with old friends or make new ones in a controlled environment. They spend their day relaxing, playing and being pampered by our caring family. This is home away from home. There is NO additional fee for this service. When having fun in a social interactive environment there is always a risk of injury even with the best and most vigilant supervision.

At K-9 City we require that your dog be current on all vaccinations. Vaccines required are: Bordetella, DHPP, Influenza, and Rabies. We require the Bordetella vaccination to be given within 6 months of entering the facility. Even though your dog has had the Bordetella (Kennel Cough), and the Influenza (Flu) vaccination, there is still a risk that your dog can contract kennel cough, flu or other viruses. Remember that germs are spread through social contact, sharing toys, drinking from the same water bowl and are airborne. *Influenza only required if there is an influenza break out.

For dogs staying with us for more than 2 - 3 days we recommend a bath prior to pick-up. Please keep in mind that dogs, just like their owners, need time to adjust to new environments both during and following the experience. If your dog’s behavior is abnormal at pickup or when he/she returns home (such as: excessive thirst, hungry, not eating, sleeping more than usual), this is normal but please do not hesitate to call us and discuss it with us.

Additional Services Available for Dogs staying in our Li’l Paws Rooms, Happy Paws Rooms, Pampered Paws Rooms or our Mighty Paws Rooms

Let your dog spend their day relaxing, playing and being pampered by our caring family.
You can request additional activities listed below for a nominal fee.

Neighborhood Walks: Individual or Groups walks. Choose 15min, 30min, 45min or 1 hour.

Individual Activities: Individual Treadmill time/Individual playtime/Bedtime Stories.

Groom & Spa: Schedule a bath or a day of pampering with one of our professional groomer's.

School 4 Dogs: Your dog can also receive individualized one on one training while with us for the day.

Luxury Suites: Reserve one of our luxury suites – some are even an upstairs/downstairs unit.

K-9 City is definitely a place where dogs’ dreams come true.

  • Daycare Funtime

    “Daycare Funtime is a place to meet new friends or catch up with old ones. A safe environment providing playtime, games, snack and naptime so by the time you pick your dog up, they will be ready for dinner, hugs and a good nights sleep.”


  • Overnight Boarding

    "Overnight boarding is where we provide a safe, comfortable, and caring environment so your dog can have a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the new day."

  • Groom & Spa

    “Groom and Spa day will make your dog feel so special and pampered. They come in feeling like a toad and exit looking like the prince or princess that they are.”

  • School 4 Dogs

    “At School 4 Dogs we can help your dog become a trusted member of your family, so you have a dog that is easy to walk, on or off leash, hikes with you, plays with kids and always happy to see you.”