Training at K-9 City can help your dog become a member of the family – a dog you can trust and a dog you can take places without being embarrassed.

One of the first questions clients often ask is how long their training will take.  There are different answers revolving around the same general theme.  The time in training will depend on the nature of your difficulties, your dog’s motivation to change, and how hard you are willing to work.  The important thing to remember is that you and your dog are unique, and you cannot be compared to anyone else.

Here are some of the methods that are used in training.  Each method is introduced in such a way that you can learn to use it on your own.  There is not just one way of doing things.  Different methods are introduced for different dogs with different problems.  Some of the strategies that are especially useful include:  knowing what the dog’s needs are, knowing what your needs are, planning strategies to use rewards and penalties in reference to behavioral goals.

It is important to practice the skills you’ll learn in training.  Remember that with 1 hour of training per week, there are 167 hours left in your weekly life so practice, practice, practice!  For you to benefit the most from training, it is important that you make the commitment to come regularly (This applies to group classes as well as private sessions).

From time to time after your regular training has ended, we might want to schedule “booster sessions”.  In these sessions we can discuss areas that might have gotten “stale” with disuse, or that you have had difficulty with.  We will be available to you as a resource in case you find yourself in serious difficulties, or in case you simply want a “tune-up”.

Private training is the Cadillac of all training as the problems begin at home and this is where we want to work through them. Private training can also be done at your place of work or our facility for your convenience. During private training sessions, we can customize the program to suit the needs of your dog and of course your needs. We work on the issues that you want to work on. We work one-on-one with you and your dog.